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This is the home of Dan Henning Racing Engines. Don't take last, let Dan Henning Engines make you fast. This is also the home of the Hurricane Carb, it takes major presidence in the power of these racing engines also. These carbs are flowed, machined, blueprinted and matched to each engine for maximum performance. Dan is very helpful with any questions or concerns you have in regards to your wants and needs. When we are talking about engines that get built with the intention of winning, we take the competition serious. Dan Henning will give you the power you need for roadrunner speed. To bad no one will see these engines, they will be a blur on the track. Dan Henning Racing will also be with you long after the race is over, service and support will continue. From the first time you mount that Henning Racing Engine on your kart, you will know what it is like to feel performance.

Quality is our motto, and a fast effecient timely turn around of your engines is what we strive for here at Henning Racing. We will also work with you, if you want certain things for your motors, let us know, we will build it to your specs. Let's not forget the key ingredient to speed is money, and we will do what it takes to make the speed without the greed. Henning Racing also offers a full line of karting products to meet your needs from Twister chassis, to helmets and karting apparel, we are here as your full service karting supplier.

Remember customers, Henning Racing will work with you, to help you with a winning setup at a winning price.

        Thank You, Sincerely Dan Henning

Henning Racing