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Our Sponsors include Rees Racing Supply and Dan Henning Racing Engines Sponsoring Ryan Stearns (Stearns Racing 2003)


Rees Racing Supply is the officail Sponsor of Dan Henning/Stearns Racing 2003. We cant say enough good things about Eric his great competitive prices and his customer service that goes along with your order. I guess it is why Rees Racing Supply goes along with us so well as we strive just as hard to offer you karting products and fast engines affordable prices and awsome service. There is a Henning Racing Engines decal program available if interested please e-mail us and we will be happy to assist you!


Ryan's kart for 2003.  He has a Trick Typhoon and will be running IKF Jr. II with a Dan Henning Racing Engine.  He has a new G-Man white body with his favorite number, #88.  He will also be running Dunlop RM8's mounted on WMS Wheels.  We hope he is up front this year! We don't hope we know!